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Why You Hate Kids 101

An introductory course on 'anti-child ageism'.

Why You Hate Kids 101
Why You Hate Kids 101

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD


About the event


“I hate kids.” It’s a common phrase that most of us have heard or even said, but we never really deep it. We hate kids, but are, supposedly, against child abuse or mistreatment. However, we rarely agknowledge how this violence is systemic in the form of ‘anti-child ageism’ (coined by me, Aiyana Goodfellow) which is part of the patriarchal system.

Why You Hate Kids 101 (fka Has Oppression Found a Home in You?) is a course for all ages offering the opportunity to learn about anti-child ageism from the often unheard perspective of a teenager. Challenged by discussions, writings, and activities you will have a unique opportunity to gain an overview of anti-child ageism as part of the patriarchal system as well as learn how it exists within the context of other oppressions.

This course is for you if…

  • You have some understanding of marginalisation and privilege dynamics;
  • You are new to theses concepts or are beginning to notice the existence of anti-child ageism;
  • You’re interested in building community with other anti-ageists and can embrace being challenged.

"I really liked the content and how it was presented – every session was unique as it didn’t follow the template of the previous one. It was great to always have a chance to be interactive and communicate with the facilitator and other participants – I felt heard and understood. Practical exercises were very useful and advices given valuable and applicable." — Course Alumni


The course will run over five weeks, at 6pm BST and held on Zoom.

Each session will be 90mins long. Automated captions will be available and breaks are scheduled into the workshops. Sessions will be partially recorded for reviewing purposes, but this should not be considered another way to access the course: your live attendance shapes the space.

Our schedule:

  1. Ageism 101 – We begin to explore the basics of ageism, including what it is and how it functions within the context of other oppressions.
  2. Schools are Prisons – Investigating the politics of time, labour, authority, and disempowerment we consider the education system as a form of incarceration.
  3. Fam, Blood, & Boundaries – What is a family? What are boundaries? How does the capitalist-defined family function as a unit of power and oppression?
  4. DELINQUENCY – We challenge our privileges, map out what adult solidarity with youth could look like and the empowerment of young people.
  5. Community Reflection – The finale of our course. We reflect on previous sessions and have an open community-led discussion.


Q: What is the difference between WYHK Intensive and WYHK 101 & 102?

A: Why You Hate Kids 101 (introductory) or Why You Hate Kids 102 (deeper analysis) allow you to explore information through weekly workshop cohorts that run at various times throughout the year. 

Why You Hate Kids Intensive is self-paced, including workshops from both 101 and 102 as well as further content.

If you prefer learning by yourself, need the course to be flexible, and/or want a particularly deep dive into the topics, go for WYHK Intensive. 

If you prefer learning alongside others, need a defined timeline to motivate you, and/or real-time support to process information, go for WYHK 101 or 102.

Q: Who is this course for? Are there pre-requisites to joining?

A: Anybody, of any age, can join this course, as long as you have an open-mind and interest. It will be helpful to have some understanding of terms like ‘patriarchy’ or ‘white supremacy’, however I have curated the course so that it will be both accessible to beginners and enlightening to those who already have a solid understanding.

Q: Isn’t all this information available somewhere else?

A: Not as far as I’m aware! I am a strong believer in “create the things you wish to see in the world” which is the driving force behind all my many projects, hence why I created this course and wrote my book INNOCENCE & CORRUPTION. My work is incredibly unique: not only is ageism a highly under-discussed system of oppression these conversations are rarely led by young people ourselves. The course explores and expands on theories from my book, but there is loads in both the course and the book that does not overlap so there’s always opportunities to learn more!

Q: Can I book for my community group, organisation, or family?

A: If you are looking to book for multiple people (e.g., as a family or organisation) OR if you would like this course – or parts of this course – to be personalised for your company, organisation, or community group please contact me. 


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    Tickets are tiered for financial accessibility. - Under 18s: scholarships available to young people only. - True Cost: regular cost of the course. - Balance: for those who would like to support scholarships.

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